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Global and Multi-Regional Public Opinion

Poll of Western and Asian Publics Finds Criticism of Chinese Policy on Tibet

Declining Support for Tough Measures against Iran's Nuclear Program: Global Poll

International Poll Finds Large Majorities in All Countries Favor Equal Rights for Women

G7 Citizens Critical of Putin's Impact on Russian Democracy: BBC Poll

Widespread Unease about Economy and Globalization - Global Poll

International Polls Find Robust Global Support For Increased Efforts to Address Climate Change

Developed and Developing Countries Agree: Action Needed on Global Warming

Global Poll: Majority Wants Troops Out of Iraq Within a Year

Groundbreaking Study Probes Global Opinion on Key International Issues

World Publics Think China Will Catch Up With the US—and That’s Okay

World Publics Favor New Powers for the UN

World Public Favors Globalization and Trade but Wants to Protect Environment and Jobs

World Publics Reject US Role as the World Leader

Publics Around the World Say UN Has Responsibility to Protect Against Genocide

Israel and Iran Share Most Negative Ratings in Global Poll

World Publics See European Union as a “Positive Influence”

International Publics Strongly Favor Labor and Environmental Standards in Trade Agreements

Poll Finds Worldwide Agreement That Climate Change is a Threat

America's Image in the World

Global Poll Finds that Religion and Culture are Not to Blame for Tensions between Islam and the West