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Global and Multi-Regional Public Opinion

World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse

Africans and Asians Tend to View Globalization Favorably; Europeans and Americans are More Skeptical

World Citizens Reject Torture, BBC Global Poll Reveals

World Publics Willing to Bear Costs of Combating Climate Change

BBC World Service Poll Shows Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Cause Concern, But People Want a Negotiated Settlement

Current Energy Use Seen to Threaten Environment, Economy, Peace

Poll of 9 Major Nations Finds All, including U.S., Reject World System Dominated by Single Power in Favor of Multipolarity

30-Country Poll Finds Worldwide Consensus that Climate Change is a Serious Problem

World Opinion on China More Positive than on U.S., But Slipping

World Public Says Iraq War has Increased Global Terrorist Threat

Global Poll Finds Iran Viewed Negatively

U.N. Continues to get Positive, though Lower, Ratings With World Public

World Bank Receives Good Marks in World Poll

20 Nation Poll Finds Strong Global Consensus: Support for Free Market System, But also More Regulation of Large Companies

Poll of 27 Countries on Most Significant Events of 2005

23 Nation Poll: Who will Lead the World?

23 Nation Poll Finds Strong Support for Dramatic Changes at U.N.

22 Nation Poll Shows China Viewed Positively by Most Countries

22 Nation Poll on the Global Economy

21 Nation Poll on Bush's Reelection