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Middle East/N. Africa

Public Opinion from the Middle East and North Africa

Muslims Positive About Globalization, Trade

Iranian Public Opinion on Governance, Nuclear Weapons and Relations with the United States

Iraqi Public Opinion on the Presence of US Troops

Iranians Oppose Producing Nuclear Weapons, Saying It Is Contrary to Islam

Iranians Favor Direct Talks with US on Shared Issues, Mutual Access for Journalists, More Trade

Remarks of Matthew Warshaw at DC AAPOR

Polling in Iraq and Afghanistan

Why Turks Feel Threatened by the US

Q & A: Emre Erdogan, Infakto Research Workshop

Palestinians on the United Nations

Q & A: Nabil Kukali, Palestinian Center for Public Opinion

Iranian Public Ready to Deal on Nuclear Weapons, But Not Uranium Enrichment

Iranians: Do They Say They Want a Revolution?

Negative Attitudes toward the United States in the Muslim World: Do They Matter?

Muslims Believe US Seeks to Undermine Islam

How Muslims and Americans View Each Other

Iranians Overwhelmingly Reject Bin Laden

Iranians Want Capacity to Enrich Uranium But Accept NPT Rules Against Developing Nuclear Weapons

Iranians and Americans Believe Islam and West Can Find Common Ground

Baghdad Shias Believe Killings May Increase Once U.S.-led Forces Depart but Large Majorities Still Support Withdrawal Within a Year