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United States/Canada

Public Opinion from the United States and Canada

Public Proposes Federal Budget Dramatically Different Than House or White House

American Public Shows How it Would Cut the Budget Deficit

Voters Say Election Full of Misleading and False Information

American Public Vastly Overestimates Amount of U.S. Foreign Aid

Big Government is Not the Issue

Americans and the World in Difficult Times

Who really has the public's support on health care?

A New Digest of International and U.S. Attitudes

Key Health Care Proposals Get Bipartisan Public Support Despite Debate's Increased Political Polarization

Majority of Americans Approve Complete Ban on Torture

Americans Support US Working to Improve Health in Developing Countries

Growing Majority of Americans Oppose Israel Building Settlements

Americans Oppose Most Farm Subsidies

Americans Favor New Approach to Cuba: Lift the Travel Ban, Establish Diplomatic Relations

Obama, McCain Supporters Agree Government Responsible For Ensuring Basic Healthcare, Food, and Education Needs

McCain and Obama Supporters Largely Agree on Approaches to Energy, Climate Change

American Public Says Government Leaders Should Pay Attention to Polls

Large Majorities of Americans and Russians Oppose All Space Weapons

American and Russian Publics Strongly Support Steps to Reduce and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Comprehensive Analysis of Polls Reveals Americans' Attitudes on US Role in the World