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International Public Opinion on Globalization and Trade

Digest of Polls Shows Modest American Support For New Free Trade Agreements in Pacific

Indonesia and USA 'Most Entrepreneur-Friendly Nations': Global Poll

Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

Governments Misspend More Than Half of Our Taxes--Global Poll

Wide Dissatisfaction with Capitalism -- Twenty Years after Fall of Berlin Wall

Global Poll Shows Support for Increased Government Spending and Regulation

Publics Want More Aggressive Government Action On Economic Crisis: Global Poll

Americans Oppose Most Farm Subsidies

Economic System Needs 'Major Changes': Global Poll

Muslims Positive About Globalization, Trade

World Publics Say Oil Needs to Be Replaced as Energy Source

Erosion of Support for Free Market System: Global Poll

Widespread Unease about Economy and Globalization - Global Poll

World Public Favors Globalization and Trade but Wants to Protect Environment and Jobs

International Publics Strongly Favor Labor and Environmental Standards in Trade Agreements

Africans and Asians Tend to View Globalization Favorably; Europeans and Americans are More Skeptical

Peruvians Unsympathetic to Chávez, Morales

French Public Stands Behind Protests Against New Labor Law

Global Poll Finds Diverse Economic Perceptions

World Bank Receives Good Marks in World Poll