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Public Consultation Finds Bipartisan Support for Extending Bush-Era Tax Cuts, But Only for Income Under $250k

Public Consultation Finds Strong Bipartisan Support for Extending Employees' Payroll Tax Cut

Meet John Q. Public, deficit-cutter

Does the Majority Want to Tyrannize the Minority?

American Public Sees Democratization of Middle East as Positive for US

On Egypt: What Should America Do Now?

Public Proposes Federal Budget Dramatically Different Than House or White House

American Public Shows How it Would Cut the Budget Deficit

Voters Say Election Full of Misleading and False Information

Big Government is Not the Issue

Listening to the Voice of Humanity

Analysis of Multiple Polls Finds Little Evidence Iranian Public Sees Government as Illegitimate

Poll Finds Most Publics Around the World Want Their Governments to Be More Cooperative

Global Poll: Widespread Perception of Serious Lack of Political Tolerance

World Publics Strongly Favor International Observers for Elections, Including Their Own

Obama, McCain Supporters Agree Government Responsible For Ensuring Basic Healthcare, Food, and Education Needs

Iranian Public Opinion on Governance, Nuclear Weapons and Relations with the United States

World Publics Say Governments Should Be More Responsive to the Will of the People

American Public Says Government Leaders Should Pay Attention to Polls

Chile’s Urban Poor Perceive Widespread Corruption in Government