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International Security

International Public Opinion on International Security

Only One in Three Israelis Think Israel Benefited from Gaza Conflict

Most Americans Believe Majorities in Egypt, Libya, Did Not Support Attacks

Most Americans See Afghan War as Not Reducing Threat of Terrorism

Americans, Britons and the French Support Multilateral Action on Syria But Don't Want to Send Troops

Majorities in Both Red and Blue Districts Favor Deep Cuts in Defense Spending

Polls Show Support for Tougher Sanctions against Iran, But not for Military Force

Majority of Americans Willing to Make Defense Cuts

American Public Favors Safe Havens in Syria

American Public Opposes Israel Striking Iran

Preventing a Nuclear Iran, Peacefully

Review of Polling Finds International and American Support for World Order Based on International Law, Stronger UN

Most Religious Believers Favor International Efforts To Curb Climate Change, Nuclear Risks, Poverty

Israeli Public Supports Middle East Nuclear Free Zone

Six in Ten Americans Say U.S. Weakened Its Economy by Overspending in Response to 9/11

Why Muslims are still mad at America

Global Poll Shows Public Support for Taliban Negotiations

New Book on Muslim Anger at America by PIPA's Steven Kull

Two-thirds of Iranians Ready to Preclude Developing Nuclear Weapons in Exchange for Lifting Sanctions

Islamist Militancy in Pakistan: A View from the Provinces

Global Poll Finds Widespread Belief that Afghans Want NATO Forces Out