Friday October 21st, 2016             A publication of the Program on International Policy Attitudes



A global research and polling firm specializing in global issues, public affairs and corporate social responsibility strategy.

Knowledge Networks

A survey and consumer research firm employing a methodologically advanced Internet panel based upon probability sampling of the U.S. public.

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

An independent, nonprofit international affairs organization whose mission is to broaden understanding of international relations and American foreign policy. The Chicago Council regularly conducts polls of the US public on international issues, often in conjunction with polls conducted in other countries.

The Network

The network is a consortium of research centers studying public opinion on international issues in their respective countries. At present the network consists of research centers in 22 countries across all of the major continents. The network includes countries that represent the majority of the world population. In some countries there are two centers--one that conducts the polling and another that emphasizes policy analysis. For more complete information about each center including contact information please click here (PDF).